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Writing about your profession can be incredibly cathartic and rewarding, and I am really enjoying writing this blog on my experiences and thoughts as a stripper in London. Check out my favourite posts page or the popular stripclub stereotypes series - catty but true! I've also written lots of How to... posts - how to become a dancer, how to dress - even how to pick up a lapdancer!

For industry news check out
It's a fun and comprehensive online zine that covers the stripclub industry across Europe - news, club reviews & dancer of the month!

But there are many other lapdancing blogs.... and here are my faves!!!

I've put a few blogs up in the 'blogs I love' sidebar, but as I'm always reading the web for new posts and blogs on stripping, stripclubs and anything sex worker related, I thought I would write a few positive thoughts on the blogs that I enjoy. Please use the comments space below to alert me to any I might have missed...;)

The Angry Stripper
This girl dances in Houston, Texas, which is a totally different kettle of fish to my lapdancing life in London.  They have a live stage show set in a shower!  The men wear cowboy hats! Customers tip the girls on stage!  Her blog is beautifully set out and easy to navigate, and has some really, really funny and painfully true observations.

Tips for Strippers
This blog is written for dancers, and has lots of tips to help a girl maximise her money.  I'd agree with a lot of what it has to say, but it doesn't go into really explicit detail on sales techniques as it acts as a promoting vehicle for stripper sales books.  I've actually bought the Jessica Simmonds ebook and found that it made a lot of sense, but was probably better for beginners or should be used in conjunction with other sales, confidence and NLP books before it really impacts on my earnings.

This site actually reviews many of the stripper sales programmes that you can do, and again has lots of tips on what to wear, what to say and what NOT to do as a lap dancer.

There are lots of 'stripper wealth' and 'maximise your lapdancing earning potential' programmes out there, which can be really helpful in boosting a girls confidence, honing her approach and customer skills, and planning for a long and prosperous dancing career. I'm currently reading the Freedom V programme by Jennifer McCumber - you can download her ebook here;

Peter's experiences in various stripclubs in the USA
Peter is a seriously well-informed punter.  His stripclub visits must run into the 100's - if I gave him a lapdance I'm sure I would be super nervous taking my panties off for such a stripclub guru.
His blog basically rates and describes the various clubs that he visits.  Hilariously, he usually rates on a 1-to-10 scale the quality of dancers, the number of strippers available, the variety and diversity of dancers (ie;, are they all barbie lookalikes or have a few asians and ebony blacks thrown into the mix?), and best of all, the strippers attitude.   Whilst I will probably never work at any of these clubs, unless Peter makes the trip over the pond, it cracks me up to hear what some of the American clubs are like. London strippers have it relatively easy!!!

A punky stripper with attitude and a lust for life
I heard about this girl from Peter's site, and love reading her posts on midwest america, tattoos and cowboys.  She does some comments and articles for various sex industry & sexworker publications too, including SWAAY and Exotic magazine.  
I seriously have a girl crush on her, she has a scary amount of kick-ass attitude that I would love to emulate.

Furry Grrrl - an au-natural pornographer & sex worker activist
I have total respect for this girl, who operates SWAAY, 'sex worker activists, allies and you'.  She also makes porn, but looks nothing like a porn star - natural hair, no shaving, no plastic surgery, just herself as herself, being really sexy.
Her posts and rants are lengthy and legendary,  and she is a real credit to the profession - her opinions are always well thought out and touch many avenues and takes a broad look at topics in the media, and how they affect anyone who works in the sex industries ( stripping in the UK is now classed under 'sex worker')

Stripper Grrl - a mummy stripper (aww)
I like single mum strippers, they are a great bunch in general and work their asses off on hardly any sleep.  See my Stripper Stereotypes post on single mum strippers for more on these women. 

A very funny and personal blog from an entertainer
I've been reading this ladies blog for ages, and have guest-written on it too, and often given a few rallying comments when her posts seemed to say that she was having a hard time. Her blog often includes lots of pictures and videos of random stuff, which unfortunately is a trick I just haven't been able to figure out yet, as I'm good at taking my clothes off, not so good at computer wizardry.  If only she lived down the road - but alas, she is based in the USA.  

A witty commentative 'zine written by sex workers? YES PLEASE
This webzine is fairly new, but it's absolutely AWESOME.  It's basically some funny pieces, book reviews and general commentary on all sorts of aspects of the sex-worker industry, written by the girls and guys who are doing it.  Some of my favourite bloggers and tweeters are on it already, and I am working on a piece to be submitted myself.
It's the kind of site that you could spend an hour browsing, and makes me laugh out loud and pee my pants.

A mid-west activist chick who describes being a stripper with razor-sharp accuracy
She calls herself trashy, but I see her as unflinchingly honest and brazen with her opinions.  unusually for a sex-worker blog, she is not anonymous.  The blog is full of funny hints, tips, and photographs, as she seems to be much more computer literate than my puny efforts...  At the time of writing, she is cutting down on dancing and becoming more politically active, as I gather most frustrated young generation American's are rediscovering the joys of protest and occupation when you have been 'had' by the establishment.

Stripping Down-Under
I did a good year lapdancing down under and ABSOLUTELY LOVED the stripclub scene down there.  So thank god a chirpy Aussie bird has decided to blog about it.

If you know any great lap dancing blogs, or blogs from clients and managers in stripclubs, or sex worker and industry blogs in general, or if you wish to promote your own lap dancer blog, 
please send me the links via email or in the comments below.


Mc said...

Thank u for the shout out! Congrats on your article and we both are contributing to tits and sass soon yay! I love having these virtual sex worker buddies in a world where we are isolated and objects of stereotypes and stigmatized

B said...

Hey Sass,

I've just started a blog of my own about dancing here in Melbourne, Australia. I've only just been looking around today at other people's blogs. Loving yours and a few of your recommendations. Would love for you to check it out and if you like it, let people know. Thanks!

Sara said...

Great blog you have here. It's good to see sites like these to help other male and female strippers out there.

Christine Macdonald said...

Thanks for this list! Will check them out. There is something about the special sisterhood of fellow dancers. Retired, or not. :)

Anonymous said...

Great info, I'm a stripper here in the States my stage name is Anna Voxanna. Really like your site and the information. Be will and safe


Noire said...

Hi, don’t know if you tried getting into internet modeling and stripping yet, ive been doing it for 10 yrs and its something i do on the side as you work from home on your webcam, if you are already familiar, you already know you can make good money.its also alot safer working from home.I write my blog about my experiences tips and stuff so your welcome to pass by and you can also email me me if you want to know anything. check me at my blog I only just started it but ill be adding to it regularly.x

Sugar Playfield said...

Stripping down under... Well, a big fat sexy THANK YOU to you lady, you rock!
Thank you for the mention of my blog, absolutely thrilled by it, and glad you're enjoying it!

Sugar Playfield xx

Stripper X said...

Hi there, great to see that we share some common interests! Check out my blog:

I'm a former dancer, turned strip club manager who also happens to be a lesbian. A very different view of the world, indeed. Since out of the industry, I started this blog just over a year ago. Enjoy!

Ben Haffie said...

Great to see such a collection of positive resources.

I'd like to add:

It's a new online community for strippers/exotic dancers.

bosstr2012web said...

These are all great sites! They really help me connect with other women in my profession.

Red said...

this is a good list! My blog is I JUST discovered your blog and I want to go through it cause I'm applying to Queen Mary for grad school and I'm trying to figure out if I can dance in London. Do they have tattooed dancers in London clubs? Do they make money?


HH said...

Hey Sass,
Cum on over to our blog for a quick romp!


Enjoying yours!


angelomacho said...

very nice blog :-)





angelomacho said...

very good blog :-)




jenelynp said...

A good information site, It's very easy to judge a book by its cover, but you'll never get very far with a stripper worth dating if you go that route. Thanks

Bella Hack said...

Hi, this is the first day I've been to your blog, and I've read a bunch of posts so far, and I love it! You're a good writer.

I'd like to share my blog with your readers, maybe make your list of stripper blogs worthy of reading.

Visit for my stripping tales!

soren gjessing said...

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CrystalTS said...

It's good to see sites like these to help other male and
out there.

CrystalTS said...

It's good to see sites like these to help other male and Female Strippers out there.

DanceThePoles said...

Hey Y'all

Have a look at It's been up about a year and is growing as an online community for dancers/strippers. You can give/read club reviews, the forum is pretty good... check it out:!

Emir Feliciano said...

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Party Strippers said...

Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, thank you.

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HeartBroken Stilettos said...

Hi Sassy,
Congrats to your blog! Great work!
Here you can read mine:

I just started to write not long ago and any feedback is welcome! ;)

Thank you