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Here are an assortment of my posts on being a stripper, all written by yours truly and usually within hours of finishing a shift at my stripclub in London's West End. as well as advice on how to become a lapdancer. Looking over my posts, I'm suprised at how many seem to be about my feet hurting and smelling!   I've also slipped in a few posts which make me smile, and one's which have got my readers going.  Feel free to explore and comment on my posts - I'm not a technical guru but I love feedback - who doesn't?
If you want to know the kind of people you may meet in a stripclub, I would recommend looking at my 'Stripclub Stereotypes' series, which is a wry and silly look at some of the weird and wonderful characters I chat to and even take my clothes off for during a 'normal' night at work (hah!)

Funny posts

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