Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Back to pulling down my knickers and typing up words

After the damb squib which were the Olympics - business was slow, slow, slow - my skin itched with the frustrating affair which saw hundreds of thousands of people with bulging wallets visit London for the sporting event of the year, but failed to walk through the doors of the West End.
It was painful.
I'd planned my whole year around the Olympics.  I had big BIG plans.  Visit a few festivals and enjoy the beginning of summer, then earn pots of Olympic gold, save up some for my tax bill and still have pennies for holidaying in September.
I was going to use the unusual situation to interview lots of other dancers, bar staff and perhaps even some club operators - how they had coped with the busy influx, the funny stories, the lessons they had learnt.  How it all differed from the usual frustration of a long, hot and slow summer period, where any dancer worth her salt goes away or works on the coast or abroad.  Perhaps put together some sort of e-book, pamphlet affair, so that we could stand proudly on the rooftops and shout

"Look! LOOK! Look what us working girls did for London, did for the image of Britain - how we kept all those people who would otherwise be sitting around in hotel rooms happy and jubilant and celebrating all the beauty that this great city has to offer, deep into the night.  Night after night.  WE are superhuman! WE deserve a medal."

But nah.  The fun and fizz and fanfare exploded in a damp squib.  Everyone partied somewhere else, or didn't party at all.  Blame it on the scaremongering of London transport, blame it on the press's empty fears of a deluge of sex-workers invading our streets, blame it on pay-per-view TV.

So I've been really, really quiet.  Stopped writing, either here or on my stripping website 

I'm super sorry to everyone who sent me emails with fantastic comments, guest-posting submissions, or requests for interviews.  

Like the tourists, I couldn't be asked and went on holiday instead.  A whole month of it.  HA! Damn fine time I had too, with no writing, no pulling off my panties and NO SHAVING!!!!

But I'm back, plucked, waxed, tanned - and a little bit fatter.  Ready to rock the pole by night and keyboard by day.

Thanks for sticking around folks......

xxx Sassy