Thursday, 10 February 2011

Would you take your girlfriend to a lapdancing club?

I think lots of London women would go to a lapdancing club like Platinum Lace.  Its sexy, naughty, fun - and you know that the loitering women with hungry eyes want your man - and can't have him.... as he's with you, and you control his wallet, ha ha ha...

I laughed as I read the Evening Standard article today

In a full two page spread - accompanied with some slightly surreal shots of some dancer pals of mine, one of my favourite journalists, Simon English, grilled Simon Warr, another old pal of mine, on how he wanted to change the lapdancing industry in the UK for good - and for the better...

(God, I'm sorry if I sound totally nepotistic in the above paragraph, but really - the London lapdancing scene is fairly small and I do like reading a good newspaper article)

It worried me that in these recessionistic times the average earn of '£300-£500' a night was plastered all over the place - I usually come home with £100-150, after costs, but of course can and do earn more than that, especially on busy nights.  I feel sorry for my pals at Platinum Lace - the doors will be swinging with many an auditionee over the next week, although I'm sure the publicity will bring the customers in too.

I remember the 2003 police raids on Spearmint Rhino - it was when I was just starting as a dancer, and I thought it was normal.  It was petrifying - girl after girl disappearing with no warning, sacked for misdemeanours or soliciting or prostitution - this is what we were told by the grumpy 'little Hitler' staff, but I remember thinking, 'really? her?'  Now there have been so many faces, and so many shock stories, I don't blink an eyelid - but it whilst I understand the scare tactics used to prevent the remaining dancers to behave, its a shame that some many girls names are now tainted in my mind.  Girls who may have lent me a helping hand as I started out on my first few nights as a lapdancer....

Still though, I admire Simon Warr, who has now left Spearmint Rhino to set up his own chain of super-brand strip clubs, 'Platinum Lace'.  I've worked in his latest Piccadilly Circus flagship, and its gorgeous - I would have stayed if there had been a more regular stream of punters.

Maybe in the future, I'll go back - Simon Warr, like the journalist said, I wish you luck....

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My feet are f**ked


My new shoes are killing me.... but they are sexy as hell, and goddamit, i am so bored of the normal stripper-style shoes.

Usually, I would wear some monstrous 6" or, if I'm feeling brave, 9" creation.  Maybe, they might have a little sparkle round the toe, or perhaps a novelty design - fish, dollarbills, flashing lights everytime I put weight on the heel.
imgres.jpgBut then, around 2 years ago, I got BORED of looking like a damn stripper all the time, and wanted to go a bit more old-school - get some of that burlesque frou-frou going on.  It started with these beautiful bad-boys;

PL-DEL676R-2T.jpgThese gorgeous creations are by 'Pleaser", and they cost about £50 in Camden market, which is THE place to go for stripper attire in London.  It's not because they cater for strippers, (they cater for goths and trendies) its because nowhere in London caters for strippers now that all the joints in Soho have been replaced by shops full of naughty lingerie and sex toys, but not much for the working girls of London town.  

Anyway, now I'm bored even of the beautiful red shoes... so I've gone high street.

The high street is FULL of 6" platforms - and they are so inventive - blue velvet, sequins, bows, ruffles - Kurt Geiger has a leopard ponyskin pair that I want to have sex with...


Thing is, these high street bad boys may look better than stripper platforms, but they weren't made for dancing an 8hour shift in.  Or climbing poles, or gyrating your butt whilst your knees take the strain.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to go back to perspex, because after a Christmas season, I've got the beginning of a big toe callous, and an appointment with a chiropodist for a potentially bruised/broken toe.....


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Loving this top 100!!!

Feeling kinda inspired and tingly reading some of the blogs included on the awesome "Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2010" list that I just randomly googled;

Before you even read the blogs, the names and titles come out and hit you hard.  WHAM!!! I mean talk about a page-turner - some of these titles had me clicking on the link faster than the speed of sound.

For example;

21:  Mistress Arabella from Bombshells & Rockstars
31:  TitsMcScandal from The Blogging Slave
97:  Shirley from Reptillian Prostitute

and my personal fave;

68:  Wilhemina from Heartbreak Nymphomania

Don't these titles sound cool? enticing? sexy?

To be honest, I created this blog one night as I came home from work.  And the 'whats the point...' wasn't meant to be informative - it wasn't to actually tell the reader why anyone would want to be one.  No. 
I was angry, it was late, and I wanted to let rip, let all those pent-up emotions go forth on the keyboard.  I can't remember what the first post said, whether you could hear the anger or whether I was trying to be cathartic and slowly tap, tap, tapping away till the energy had left me and I could finally get some sleep.

I don't know.  You can go check it out if you like - it'll be on the blog roll somewhere.

I'm kinda jealous that all the other bloggers have such cool names.  

This isn't my first blog.  My first blog was called 'the stripper bride', and I started it as I had a close knit, almost exhausting relationship with a controlling guy, and I felt a conflict between my job as a lapdancer, and my responsibilities as a girlfriend.  It;s fairly moany - I was in a really dark place, I think, at the time, but if you want to read me sounding like a teenager you can find it here;

The funny/depressing thing about it is that if you compare the two, you can begin to guess how long I've been in the business - it's dated 2006....

Of course, I'm still dancing, and yes, I still look about 22....

Who says lapdancing is bad for you??