Sunday, 28 February 2010

There is SUCH a point in being a lapdancer!

As I sit here, enjoying a glass of Terraza de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2007, and nibbling on multicoloured Japanese rice crackers, looking around at my nice flat and the bulging bag of cash that I earnt on Friday night, I can hold my hand up and say;

"It's fucking great being a lapdancer!"

See, it's been tough since this credit crunch happened, and I've had to go into work more often than usual, and rein back some of my spending habits. Not as bad as some, but it's still never a nice feeling, is it?

Thats why last Friday was AWESOME - the club was so packed it was like shooting fish in a barrel. I didn't get one sitdown - I got TWO !! And the dances didn't stop coming....

In fact it was so busy, I felt like I had done a million aerobic workouts, so gorged on Macaroni Cheese when I got home at 5am, and then met some pals at lunchtime on Saturday for a big greasy-spoon fryup. Imagine, health freak readers, slodgy carbs and tons of grease at the worst possible time of the day times two!!!

I'm going to pray that this trend of a busy, happy lapdancing club continues so that I can pay off all these debts I've accumulated..... Fingers crossed xxx

Monday, 22 February 2010

Is the Year of the Tiger going to be my year?

So it was the year of the tiger today, or at least I thought it was. I ended up arguing with some Czech girl whether it was today - Sunday 20th Feb - or last week. I'm English and shes Czechslovakian, she wwears a wig and I'm a bottle blonde, so neither of us knew anything really.....

Still, any excuse for a pary, hey?

So there I was, prancing around the club, prowling for customers I could sink my claws into, figuring that this was the night when I made my rent - which is ohhhh 2 days late now - and how did I do?

Even worse, worser, worsest, than my usual Sunday night.

This tiger cub ended up leaving with her tail between her legs and catching the nightbus home in the rain. Hmph, highly glamorous.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Shopping List

ooohhhh it's all the lovely sexy things i want to wear and play with....
Shopping List

i spin around a pole and break my nose

I love my job, i really do......

but there are certain things, and certain nights, that really really get on my tits

like customers with haliotosis
like the security guys that become managers
like the skinnier girls
like the commission for just breathing, let alone taking my clothes off
like the ones that don't spend money on my hard - yes hrad - put the hours in work
like the ones that argue about the money like it should be a gift
like the times i can't have pudding because i have to watch my weight
or my skin
or my hair
or whatever piece of crap people fancy today

Today I span around the pole about a million times, then just when i was leaving for the changing room, some dumb idiot of a girl didn't hold the door open and it slammed into mine and our managers face. Yes. Very dumb.
But she didn't even say sorry, she just walked.
And it didn't hit the manager, just me. Right in the bridge. Big red lump.

Great, thats another few days of sitting at home unpaid for me then.....

and no, I don't have savings, I don't earn more than you, and I'm not blessed...
I get it when I can, I spend it when I can, and it infringes on every physical and emotional part of my being....

why do I do it?
Hell I dunno, why do you do your job, huh?