Saturday, 25 December 2010


With a twitter virgin right now xoxo

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Tonight was a Monday i dossed around around on the phone and twitter a lot as on Mondays it's usually quiet. I met a guy who was Scottish, a writer, he spoke about his marriage in Spain. Its weird when  a man almosts crying out for help and buys you drinks and gives you money just to sit at the bar and listen. Its kinda strange they give you their whole life history and then something clicks and they go from pathetic to horny. Then they remember all the tips they gave you and demand a dance for their money, sometimes give you more but once your in the booth it's like they are a child, they just want to collapse around you. Hug you with big heavy hugs that crush my little dancers bones. Hugs you can't wiggle out of.  
Clients hey? they are all fine I just had a feel for his story but not a feel for the hugs after is just all. I then met a this camera man, a director who is making a film about a camera guy who shot Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn  Marilyn Monroe before cameramen and paparazzi were famous.  It was a doc but he made it and said i should go see. Unfortunately he also bought me a few tequila slammers so now i cant remember the name of the film. What kind of marketing is that?
he also told me that i should see the new will ferral movie the other man its even funnier than anchorman!
I just ordered a real sexy 12pound bird called goosey for THE dinner. Gonna pick it up with all the veg on fri if you fancy a festive shopping trip.  

Right at the end, thanks so much for this, I also danced for a bunch of men in uniform - soldiers in fact, and they wore medals on although I called them badges- bit of a faux pas!

Well theres a Monday for ya!!!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Scared of tuition fee rises? I am scared of everything!

London has been beset by rioting over the tuition fee rises all week, with rioting and smashed windows all over the center of town.
Incidentally, thats the same center of town that I work in, and if theres rioting, I really can't see the point in risking it.
Now, I'm not talking about getting caught up in a police kettle, or catching fleas from a dreadlocked protestor, or shivering in the freezing December air as the tubes are delayed, or even dancing for an underaged kid who has wondered in after the days protest is over (trust me, university students come in all the time, as we have super-long drinking hours and a late  late license)

No, the risk for me is that I will turn up, pay my house fee, spend ages getting ready, and then not make any money as the club is so dead and no customers can make the journey in through the hallowed doors.

Actually, there are a raft on things which have been turning me off dancing in the last few weeks.  First there was the snow, then a 5 day bender and the accompanying hangover, then the riots, and then, on Friday night, just as I was gearing myself up for a return to stripping on Saturday, I find that a doorman at a rival club was shot.

With all this cold and violence, is it any wonder I am finding it difficult to be jolly and naked at times???

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Strippers stranded by snow

There's a good thick 8" of snow across London at the mo, the city looks beautiful. My club has taken the winter weather and upcoming Christmas on board and all the girlsare trusses up in Santa outfits. As a blonde, I am loving the red and White, and may even be incorporating some ermine trim to match my spangle snowflake thong.
Still, the snow doesn't just give us dancers inspiration.
It also means that dancers can't get in, or, as happened last night, can't get home.
Imagine the scene - it was a fairly slow night, the guys weren't spending yet, when someone finds out that the trains are stopping. So many of the girls catch the train in from the suburbs or Brighton - it's about an hours journey, do their makeup and have a drink, and they catch the first train back at 5am.
Last night was hilarious though as at about midnight the rumour went round that the trains wouldn't be running in the morning. All theselittle Santa Helpers began panicking, frantically checking their iPhones and blackberries - banned on the floor of course but they are always hiding in our handbags. The DJ tannoyed for the manager who was immediately surrounded by women clamouring to be let go, that instant, to catch the last train at half past midnight. You have never seen so many agitated pert bottomed santas quaking in their boots.(high heeled ones of course)
Luckily the manager let them all go early, without even asking for a tip!!!
With theclub empty of girls, I soon found a customer and made a killing in VIP. Happy days!!!!