Who am I?

Hi, I'm Sassy, and I write this blog.

I've been a lap dancer for a few years now, but am still a blonde baby-faced cherub of a girl.
I'm not a mean stripper, I'm not even a great hustler, but I enjoy my job as I get to look pretty, get drunk, and hang out with lots of different types of people.
I'm based in London, but have danced all over the world - a series of adventures that took me everywhere and got me nothing but a fabulous wardrobe, a few broken hearts and a great photo album.
I love writing, and am working on a novel based on my experiences.  My first efforts were based on a naieve young thing who comes to London to study at a university, starts stripping to pay for her tuition fees, and how her interactions with men and women are forever changed.  In short - a stripper/student rom-com. 
I'm currently well into writing a pacier novel, which is almost entirely based within the four walls of a famous lapdancing club.

This lapdancer blog began as a stripper diary and stripper memoir, but has evolved to include lots of stripper FAQs, stripper experiences, and my lapdancing thoughts on strippers in the media.  I use the blog and my Twitter @sassylapdancer to talk and giggle with lapdancers and girls working in the sex industry all over the world - it's been great! Please join in the conversation on Twitter or join my mailing list!!!
I also went to university, but didn't get my heart broken there.  My strip club and my university were within 5 minutes of each other, but I never got found out.  Whaddya say, London's a big town!
I like taking my clothes off and dressing up in outfits and making people smile, so if I wasn't a lapdancer, I'd probably work in the circus.

Some little secrets about me;
  • Every time I finish a shift, I have a craving for macaroni cheese.  I can be paralytic and still knock up a bowl of cheesy pasta goodness in 7 minutes flat.
  • When I'm on stage, to get me in the mood, I hum Prince songs to myself and channel Kylie.  
  • If you're my customer, I'll try and remember your name and find one fanciable thing about you.  That's how I get into the sexy little minx zone.
You can contact me on sassylapdancer@hotmail.com or follow me on twitter; sassylapdancer


    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the honest peep behind the curtains of these places I've never had the good fortune or nerve to find myself in. Good luck with the book.

    Anonymous said...

    I like this page..good insight:my husband now never realy one to go to strip club but went for his stag do.fully naked she was and its wrecking my head..have respect for what u do and loving the tips cos now ive brought the stripper out of me as i feel this is what he wants now.any voice of reason on how i need to stop torturing myself over his dance he got?? Silly i know but he wudnt like it if I got a male one! It's another girls bits in his face...tortured.com :( don't understand why men with good sex lives want to go..good luck with the book!