Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Stripper birthdays

"how old are you?" Is a question that I get asked over and over again in the club.

My answer is always different, but I do follow a basic mindset whilst I decide on an answer.
Here are the rules;

It must always be 20something
Young guys like someone their own age, so if he looks 21,that's what you are today.
Really old guys often like young girls too,so if he's 80+, I'm 21
Anyone over the age of 30, I say I'm 25.
Anyone with a brain,over 30, who talks to my eyes - I'm late 20s.
If I get stuck,bored,or need to kickstart a conversation -no age given, just explain I'm at Uni/redundant from the recession/whatever u want me to baby.

By my estimates,I've been 20something forever so far

So, it's my birthday this sat - guess how many candles will be on my cake?

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Stripping for Humanity

Just because I am a beautiful and bold sex artiste, doesn't mean that I don't have a heart.
In fact, my heart is bigger than my breasts, and my arse, and my hair.
At least once a year, as international tragedies - thankfully - are not more frequent, I donate my night's earnings - to the latest tragic relief effort. I call it Stripping for Humanity

All in all, I've donated so far well over a thousand pounds to causes such as the Indian Tsunami,  Pakistan Floods, Hurricane Katrina, and Africa.

But this time, it's different.
This time, it's personal.

I cavorted naughtily as a Roppongi girl in the bright Tokyo lights for 6 months that flew past in a heartbeat.  Barely 20 years old, Tokyo was where I rented my first flat, where I went on my first 'strippers on tour' girlie holiday, the first time a customer gave me a present (a set of pin-up girl coasters and a matching vibrator), and my first Jaeger shot.

But now the Japan I love is devastated, the papers are full of pitches which scream at me and touch my soul.

If I don't give to the country which gave me so much, what kind of ungrateful little hussy would I be?

So I'm going to do my usual weekend shift with one twist - I'll be Stripping for Humanity and donating 25% of my takehome to the relief effort.

That's right, once again I will be pulling my knickers down and grinding guys to help those who aren't having such a good time right now.

If you are a stripper reading this, get grinding..... and donate
If you are a strip club john, give a dance-worth to the relief effort

Now that's what I call mutual benefit, hey boys? xoxo Sassy