Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Loving this top 100!!!

Feeling kinda inspired and tingly reading some of the blogs included on the awesome "Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2010" list that I just randomly googled;


Before you even read the blogs, the names and titles come out and hit you hard.  WHAM!!! I mean talk about a page-turner - some of these titles had me clicking on the link faster than the speed of sound.

For example;

21:  Mistress Arabella from Bombshells & Rockstars
31:  TitsMcScandal from The Blogging Slave
97:  Shirley from Reptillian Prostitute

and my personal fave;

68:  Wilhemina from Heartbreak Nymphomania

Don't these titles sound cool? enticing? sexy?

To be honest, I created this blog one night as I came home from work.  And the 'whats the point...' wasn't meant to be informative - it wasn't to actually tell the reader why anyone would want to be one.  No. 
I was angry, it was late, and I wanted to let rip, let all those pent-up emotions go forth on the keyboard.  I can't remember what the first post said, whether you could hear the anger or whether I was trying to be cathartic and slowly tap, tap, tapping away till the energy had left me and I could finally get some sleep.

I don't know.  You can go check it out if you like - it'll be on the blog roll somewhere.

I'm kinda jealous that all the other bloggers have such cool names.  

This isn't my first blog.  My first blog was called 'the stripper bride', and I started it as I had a close knit, almost exhausting relationship with a controlling guy, and I felt a conflict between my job as a lapdancer, and my responsibilities as a girlfriend.  It;s fairly moany - I was in a really dark place, I think, at the time, but if you want to read me sounding like a teenager you can find it here; http://thestripperbride.blogspot.com/

The funny/depressing thing about it is that if you compare the two, you can begin to guess how long I've been in the business - it's dated 2006....

Of course, I'm still dancing, and yes, I still look about 22....

Who says lapdancing is bad for you??

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Arabella said...

Mmmm! Thanks for this post & the mention!

Arabella from Bombshells & Rockstars