Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hows the writing going?

It's the Spring Equinox today.  I was bursting with ideas for making my stripper blog as funny, honest and sexy as possible - especially over the weekend, where I pulled some really quiet boring shifts.  I did a measly FIVE lapdances last Saturday night, which has to be my worst stripping shift ever!!!  However, today I've been in a funk, moping around feeling sorry for myself as my shoulder is killing from yoga and drunken pole dancing.
So concentrating on possible blog posts related to lapdancing can really lift my spirits, as well as giving my tired feet a rest whilst I sit my arse in front of a computer screen for an afternoon.  I've been getting lots of emails recently from readers who say my blog posts on stripping are funny and humourous, which I think is flattering but I wish sometimes that life was as funny as you think it is.  Most of the time a lapdancers life is pretty boring - you're either waiting to start work, waiting for a customer, waiting to go on stage - you get the idea.  That's why I started this blog - I needed to write a funny stripper blog that describes the good times as well as the crap we have to deal with on an average night at a stripclub, as well as trying to explain it to the outside world.  The number of times I've been cornered at parties by 'interested' people who ask me a million questions on whats it like, what I wear, and how much do I earn.  I've felt like throwing the punchbowl at them, except that London parties don't have punchbowls, as a rule.  Maybe I should start a trend.....I could bring my own as a conversational starter/stopper to the next houseparty...?

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