Sunday, 28 February 2010

There is SUCH a point in being a lapdancer!

As I sit here, enjoying a glass of Terraza de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2007, and nibbling on multicoloured Japanese rice crackers, looking around at my nice flat and the bulging bag of cash that I earnt on Friday night, I can hold my hand up and say;

"It's fucking great being a lapdancer!"

See, it's been tough since this credit crunch happened, and I've had to go into work more often than usual, and rein back some of my spending habits. Not as bad as some, but it's still never a nice feeling, is it?

Thats why last Friday was AWESOME - the club was so packed it was like shooting fish in a barrel. I didn't get one sitdown - I got TWO !! And the dances didn't stop coming....

In fact it was so busy, I felt like I had done a million aerobic workouts, so gorged on Macaroni Cheese when I got home at 5am, and then met some pals at lunchtime on Saturday for a big greasy-spoon fryup. Imagine, health freak readers, slodgy carbs and tons of grease at the worst possible time of the day times two!!!

I'm going to pray that this trend of a busy, happy lapdancing club continues so that I can pay off all these debts I've accumulated..... Fingers crossed xxx

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