Monday, 22 February 2010

Is the Year of the Tiger going to be my year?

So it was the year of the tiger today, or at least I thought it was. I ended up arguing with some Czech girl whether it was today - Sunday 20th Feb - or last week. I'm English and shes Czechslovakian, she wwears a wig and I'm a bottle blonde, so neither of us knew anything really.....

Still, any excuse for a pary, hey?

So there I was, prancing around the club, prowling for customers I could sink my claws into, figuring that this was the night when I made my rent - which is ohhhh 2 days late now - and how did I do?

Even worse, worser, worsest, than my usual Sunday night.

This tiger cub ended up leaving with her tail between her legs and catching the nightbus home in the rain. Hmph, highly glamorous.

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