Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tired ol'bones

Two strange things happened today;

1)    I walked out of work early.
2)    I walked out after only doing one dance - thats a £60 LOSS for the night.

The even stranger thing is,

1)   I was happy to go home.
2)   It wasn't the customers, or girls, or managements fault or aggravation.

Truth be told, I've been having back pain recently, to the extent that if I'm not tired or stoned enough to pass out, I wriggle a hell of a lot in bed and can't sleep for hours.  (By which time its probably daylight and I feel hungry anyway, so I just power thru a day on no sleep.)

So I thought I would step up and start going to yoga etc.
Well I went to Bikram Yoga yesterday, and felt fantastically energised and stretched out afterwards.
Today, I got a wonderful hour long full body massage, and my lovely French masseuse found my knots and pummelled me till I felt fantastically energised and stretched out afterwards.

So fantastic, in fact, that I decided I was fine to go to work tonight.


Around 9pm, so thats 4-5 hours after the massage, I am shivering in a cold empty club and my joints are seizing up all over the shop.  Then, even worse, I get called on stage.  I swear you could hear my bones clicking over the thumping bass-line.  I couldn't do my normal stage routine either, no pole tricks, no wiggling my hips, no touching my toes and waving my bum in the air.  All I could manage was to lean against the pole, wincing through the shooting pain, and rub my tits.  (This also helped me alleviate the muscle spasms, or at least took my mind off them and made me the tiniest bit horny).

So I may not be able to do LIVE ON THE NIGHT posts for a few days, as I will be laid up in my cosy bed, or a hot bath, but at least I will be naked, so it's not that different from my usual night-time activities.

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Lolly said...

If I ever have anyone work on my muscles I end up in agony the next day. It's like I am bruised and the muscles feel worse... until one day later when I feel wonderful!