Sunday, 24 October 2010

Back to stripping....

Sorry folks that I have been so quiet over the summer. I randomly got given an office job and thought, hell why not grow up and wear a suit?
Well that train of thought has lasted an entire six months and I am itching to get back to being me, sassy by name and sassy by (naked)nature!

Working in an office has had good and bad points:

Good; I am paying proper tax, have developed a 5 day a week work ethic, now super organised, and have a killer line in Thomas pink shirts and pinstripe.

Bad; I mustsa put on half a stone, no time for a daily exfoliation and pampering regime, White skin as I don't bother with fake tan, and I am completely broke - I have never had to budget for a whole month before!

Well guys n gals, you will be glad to hear that I have managed to renegotiate my hours to half days. I had to bullshit some sob story about difficulties at my family restaurant (read- stripcl o)

1 comment:

Melan said...

ah, good-oh.. back to studying has meant finding new ways to live vicariously through others...
anyway, as satisfying as a settled sleeping pattern is... hummingbird bakery cupcakes and other such treats are just not part of the package..
keep ya fiesty stories coming.