Thursday, 28 October 2010


I had my first office to stripclub shift on Monday and boy was it eventful. A big group of americanfootballers came in, I thought they were the miMi dolphins but they turned out to be the San Fran 49ers. Hey, how am I to know the difference? They were all huge tall guys , with dark black skin rippled with muscles. I couldn't stop touching them , their arms, those six packs - definitely not ur average British guy. They had cute accents and funny ballsy american chat up lines and pearly White teeth which shone like beacons in the bright spotlights of my club.
The best BEST bit tho had to be when I got up on stage. Now I hadbeen working my charms on one footballer in particular but hadn't got a penny ,(or dime)outta him yet. But he was a yank, and boy do they love to tip on stAge, so when I heArd the DJ call me up next song I dropped some pretty heavy hints. In fact, my hints couldn't have been more specific; I pointed out the stage i would be performing on, that I would be there for exactly two songs, and I would be very disappointed if he didn't watch and fold a note into hismouth so I could grab it with my teeth tits toes whatever.
He did brilliantly!!!! Strolled over second song and began showering me with five pound notes. Then his mates saw and wanted to join in so they came over and started chucking dance tokens at at me!!
The rest of the night, all of the other dancers were like, sent u the girl who got loads of tips on stage??? I felt so lucky and special. A proper SUPERSTRIPPER

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