Thursday, 11 November 2010


Europe is currently gripped by some serious nasty weather.  There have been mudslides in Italy, droughts and wildfires in Russia, and England has - well not as dramatic, but rain, wind and general ickiness.

We all hate this time of year, as changes in the seasons usually heralds colds, runnynoses - and that definately happens if you happen to be parading half-naked/butt-naked, all alone on a draughty stage whilst the snivelling general public thrust dirty money into your hands, usually after wiping their noses.  And did I mention the air-con?

I really, really dislike getting a cold.  Usually it means I miss a few shifts at the club - and as I am self-employed, thats not good.  However, as I am currently pulling a few shifts a week in an office, it means I have to let down two groups of people, as well as losing out on two lots of money. 

On top of that, the getting-a-cold-season happens to conincide neatly with the getting-money-season.

So today I had to stay at home.  I think I caught my virus from the IT guy who sits behind me - no joke!!
But sods law, today was also rememberence day, so the TV was full of war programmes such as a Battle of Arnhelm special - a battle which my Grandad, who sadly passed away a few years ago -took part in as a Paratrooper.  Sods Law times two - there was also a black tie event in aid of rememberence day, and my club was expecting a load of guests, who would've usually LOVED me.

So as a snivelly stripper with tears in her eyes, I am going to go sleep with a Lemsip  xoxo

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