Friday, 5 November 2010

It was getting to the end of the night and although it was kinda busy I still hadn't made much money. I was just at the edges of feeling really tired and hungry too - I hadn't brought any snacks in and been at the office all day and had then had a Hammamm spa treatment so, yeah, basically all I had had was lunch and an apple. That may be enough for ur average skinny model wannabe but I'm the kinda pony that does pretty aerobic stuff right through to three/four am.

So it's getting to the end of the night like I said and a little voice in my head is thinking "screw it, well at least you tried. A hundred quid in ur pocket is better than a slap in the face"
But then the other voice in my head is egging me on "you're here now, you may as well work to the end - remember your goals and debts"
So I decided just one more client, give it all you've got, grab a few last dances then go home.  It's the sort of inner chatter self compromise you make at 1am. 
The guyturned out to be sweet, it was his first time even though he was easily 50, and had actually worked on the lighting installation whenthe club was firstbuilt. He was complaining to me that he had had ten dances and still hadn't got off. Now a disgruntled customer Can be hard to work with, but with 10 dances under his belt he could obviously be persuaded to have more, you just have to find the right angle.   
So I did a naughty thing, for me anyway, and said that I could get him off in the VIP. Not full blown sex or anything, but I could get him off and he would leave happy - I hate to see a first timer leave my club unhappy.
I know lots of strippers say this all day long, but leading and lying really ain't my bag usually. But like I said, I was tired, hungry, and if I didn't get any dough off this guy I was going home.

Surprise surprise I got him in VIP for half hour and I felt like a lying shit making excuses when I was in there. He was such a sweetie too and blamed the bouncer interruptions not me. 

It's the next day now and the money will go towards paying my huge credit card bill. They won't lower my interest but secretly hiked it too 34.5%, so I am afraid I am just gonna have to be a bit tough on you clients till it's paid off, alright????

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