Thursday, 23 December 2010

Tonight was a Monday i dossed around around on the phone and twitter a lot as on Mondays it's usually quiet. I met a guy who was Scottish, a writer, he spoke about his marriage in Spain. Its weird when  a man almosts crying out for help and buys you drinks and gives you money just to sit at the bar and listen. Its kinda strange they give you their whole life history and then something clicks and they go from pathetic to horny. Then they remember all the tips they gave you and demand a dance for their money, sometimes give you more but once your in the booth it's like they are a child, they just want to collapse around you. Hug you with big heavy hugs that crush my little dancers bones. Hugs you can't wiggle out of.  
Clients hey? they are all fine I just had a feel for his story but not a feel for the hugs after is just all. I then met a this camera man, a director who is making a film about a camera guy who shot Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn  Marilyn Monroe before cameramen and paparazzi were famous.  It was a doc but he made it and said i should go see. Unfortunately he also bought me a few tequila slammers so now i cant remember the name of the film. What kind of marketing is that?
he also told me that i should see the new will ferral movie the other man its even funnier than anchorman!
I just ordered a real sexy 12pound bird called goosey for THE dinner. Gonna pick it up with all the veg on fri if you fancy a festive shopping trip.  

Right at the end, thanks so much for this, I also danced for a bunch of men in uniform - soldiers in fact, and they wore medals on although I called them badges- bit of a faux pas!

Well theres a Monday for ya!!!

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Melan said...

Have a merry Christmas! I've enjoyed your blogs : ) couldn't face having turkey this year (my own tradition) beef it is!