Thursday, 2 December 2010

Strippers stranded by snow

There's a good thick 8" of snow across London at the mo, the city looks beautiful. My club has taken the winter weather and upcoming Christmas on board and all the girlsare trusses up in Santa outfits. As a blonde, I am loving the red and White, and may even be incorporating some ermine trim to match my spangle snowflake thong.
Still, the snow doesn't just give us dancers inspiration.
It also means that dancers can't get in, or, as happened last night, can't get home.
Imagine the scene - it was a fairly slow night, the guys weren't spending yet, when someone finds out that the trains are stopping. So many of the girls catch the train in from the suburbs or Brighton - it's about an hours journey, do their makeup and have a drink, and they catch the first train back at 5am.
Last night was hilarious though as at about midnight the rumour went round that the trains wouldn't be running in the morning. All theselittle Santa Helpers began panicking, frantically checking their iPhones and blackberries - banned on the floor of course but they are always hiding in our handbags. The DJ tannoyed for the manager who was immediately surrounded by women clamouring to be let go, that instant, to catch the last train at half past midnight. You have never seen so many agitated pert bottomed santas quaking in their boots.(high heeled ones of course)
Luckily the manager let them all go early, without even asking for a tip!!!
With theclub empty of girls, I soon found a customer and made a killing in VIP. Happy days!!!!

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