Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bankers count their pennies

This is a short post, but it doesn't need much to sum up the scene in London at the moment.

I met a really nice guy who worked for HSBC banking recruitment today. He earnt at least a grand a week plus bonus - which would have been announced around this time of year.

It was perfect - we got on like a house on fire, he thought I was gorgeous, basically my night was in the bag.

Or so I thought...

Turns out he's only been out in the west end 6 times in the past year. Seems he likes saving not spending. Wants a cottage in the country, even though he finds the suburbs boring.

I told him that he spends more on travel than going out.
I even pointed out that with rising inflation, it's best to spend not save this year - especially as he could claim back tonight on expenses.

He spent £50 on dances and drank beer all night.
Apparently he's not comfortable spending money, just making it....

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