Saturday, 22 January 2011

How to vogue whilst topless

Last night at my club was 80s night, so I got to strip off to some totally awesome tunes. In fact, I spent half my stage show singing along, albeit badly and with huge chunks of lyrics wrong or missing. Great thing is, the stage is so big no-one could hear anyway.....

I boogied to:
Madonna : en vogue, holiday, like a prayer
Katrina and the waves : walking on sunshine
Prince : raspBerry beret
And a whole load of karaoke faves that I can't remember the details off
I'm a career dancer, in that this is the profession I've dedicated all of my 20s too so far, despite my degree and various talents.

So when you've spent so much time being sexy and desirable, acting out your character to seduce punters, it's great sometimes to let your hair down and have a silly style hustle night at work.
In fact, I would go as far as to say that it takes courage to take your eye off the ball and act a bit different.
Still, there's always tomorrow night for a girl like me.....


Melan said...

If you didn't become a lap dancer, what do you think you would have gone into... after taking such a fabulous degree ! ;)

London Girl Up North

sassy said...

Hmmm, good question.
I really wanted to be a lawyer, but a fabulous Legally Blonde-style lawyer. I would flirt with the judge, charm the jury, and sleep with the convicts.

I STILL want to be a writer, and write massive doorstop pageturners with a myriad of love triangles and illicit affairs. I am on my millionth attempt at the moment, and am a good 20,000 words in. Will hock you a copy if I ever get it finished.

Melan said...

I had dreams (or rather my father did) to be a big shot lawyer... but that fizzled out years ago.
With graduating in 4 months I need to think of a new plan fast!
Your novel in progress sounds very interesting.. I've started two myself but not got as far as you. do let me know if you ever get it (even partially) finished. I am sure it is fascinating !

London Girl Up North