Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Stripping for Humanity

Just because I am a beautiful and bold sex artiste, doesn't mean that I don't have a heart.
In fact, my heart is bigger than my breasts, and my arse, and my hair.
At least once a year, as international tragedies - thankfully - are not more frequent, I donate my night's earnings - to the latest tragic relief effort. I call it Stripping for Humanity

All in all, I've donated so far well over a thousand pounds to causes such as the Indian Tsunami,  Pakistan Floods, Hurricane Katrina, and Africa.

But this time, it's different.
This time, it's personal.

I cavorted naughtily as a Roppongi girl in the bright Tokyo lights for 6 months that flew past in a heartbeat.  Barely 20 years old, Tokyo was where I rented my first flat, where I went on my first 'strippers on tour' girlie holiday, the first time a customer gave me a present (a set of pin-up girl coasters and a matching vibrator), and my first Jaeger shot.

But now the Japan I love is devastated, the papers are full of pitches which scream at me and touch my soul.

If I don't give to the country which gave me so much, what kind of ungrateful little hussy would I be?

So I'm going to do my usual weekend shift with one twist - I'll be Stripping for Humanity and donating 25% of my takehome to the relief effort.

That's right, once again I will be pulling my knickers down and grinding guys to help those who aren't having such a good time right now.

If you are a stripper reading this, get grinding..... and donate
If you are a strip club john, give a dance-worth to the relief effort

Now that's what I call mutual benefit, hey boys? xoxo Sassy

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Lolly said...

It is good to see you have a giving nature. I think there are so many labels places on strippers that people forget that there is a soul behind the flesh!