Tuesday, 9 August 2011

How to stay healthy and eat safe during the London Riots

There are 3 things which always concern me - diet, personal safety and money.
Because the London Riots show no sign of abating any time soon, I've been forced to have a long hard think today on how I can stop the riots affecting me too much.

Let's explain;

  • I live in South London, and work in the West End - riots have occurred in both places, and travel, especially late at night, will be difficult.  So it's best to stay at home, stay safe and take a few days off work if possible.
  • However, I took last weekend off, and used most of my money to cover bills and rent last week, so I'm flat broke.  Can I risk going to work? Will anybody even be visiting stripclubs right now?  
  • All of the shops have been told by police to shut early, so it will be difficult to get food, especially fresh - I'll need to bulk buy and plan my meals so that I stay away from frozen pizza and naughty foods!
Basically, I don't know how many nights it will be before the club will be both safe to work in and have enough punters for me to make any money. Remember, it costs ME to work - house fee, travel, accessories - around £60-100 a shift.

I also need to stay looking trim, as I'm stuck at home for the best part of the week - my gym is closed and it's not safe to jog round the park when gangs are congregating there.  

So I took action!  I went to the ATM and withdrew enough cash for a few days - well they will be empty if this carries on.  I then visited the local fruit and veg market and bulk bought enough fresh produce to tear my arms off - I balanced it all on the handlebars of my bike but it was still more than little ol'me could handle.  

So my week is looking like this;

roasted veg, cous cous & feta (cheap, long lasting produce that tastes amazing!)
homemade soups & chowder - this recipe only has a few ingredients
halloumi & olives - both keep well in the fridge
marinate a family pack of chicken drumsticks and freeze
dust off my yoga mat & do a youtube yoga class in my living room - this core strength one should do the trick
hula-hoop in my garden for cardio
Sunbathe in the garden too
Read the naughty doorstopper ; 'Juliette' by Marquis de Sade (this will keep my mojo up!)

As I write this, sirens are blaring up and down the streets near my house - I can hear 6 different types and cars. Shops all over London are boarded up. Stripclubs are shut - even Spearmint Rhino was evacuated last night (although Platinum Lace proudly tweeted that they were open!)  Who knows when I'll make money again? Or be able to pop out without fear?!

But at least I'll stay solvent and skinny....


Mellie said...

loved "at least I'll stay solvent and skinny" !!
I came back early from work today as I live in South London, and word is now they've closed some of the stations too! What a shame! I'm heading out in the West End tomorrow night so I'll let you know how it goes!
BTW ! Yes to the fresh produce and yoga :) great way to stay away from naughty frozen pizzas!

Alan Robinson said...

Keep lentils, rice canned black beans tomatoes and onions and carrots frozen peppers on hand.

Easy to make lentil soup or black beans and rice with this; filling nutritious delicious and cheap