Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hitting a lap dance HOME RUN!!!!!

Tonight all the stars aligned and I got squillions of VIPs in half hourly increments and then hustled myself up a VIP room full of beautiful people and galloons of booze.

  • Both the customers I was dancing for and my fellow dancers were seriously off the scale of hotness. Tall 6"foot men from Viking country. Check.  Super sexy teeny weeny swishy haired curvy sexkittens from Romania, Bulgaria and any country in eastern Europe ending in  -ia.....Check.
  • Free flowing super chilled booze on tap.  Check.
  • Good hair day, no bloat, fresh clean underwear.  Check.
  • Great times with no leching, touching or aggro.  Check.
  • Made oodles of money very, very easily.  CHECK.

i just wanted to show off a little folks. Its the last few nights in the run-up to Christmas, and I had the night of my dreams..... Charlie Sheen would be proud... 

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