Friday, 27 January 2012

Stripping by numbers

2      bouncing titties
4      nights worked per week
5      mis-matched pairs of black stockings scrunched in my locker
6      am by the time I get into bed
20    pounds per song...
40    ...or get a 'naughty forty'
69    girls on an average Thursday night
85    pounds house fee to work in most clubs in London
119  the most lapdancers in a club I've worked in - Christmas a few years back.
195  for a decent bottle of champagne
250  for a half hour in the VIP
400  for an hour in VIP
1100 my most successful night of 2011 after tip-out & taxi's.
20,000 most I've ever heard a fellow dancer made in one night - stripper folklore


Anonymous said...

Great numbers! 20.000?! Wow - that's impressive! Dare I assume we're talking several years back?

Dorien Grais said...

Wow! 69 dancers on a regular shift? I guess when i worked at Deju Vu San Francisco, there was almost 60. 30 is the largest amount lately. 119 is unimaginable!