Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Are you surrounded by women asking questions?

January is a slow month for most hospitality and entertainment operations, and the lapdancer's world is no exception.  In fact, it's a worse exception because we are all self-employed and have to pay out a nightly house fee which can run up to a hundred pounds a night.  It's only 5 dances, but when the club is empty, it's a hard struggle, and even the top-earning lapdancers may not make their money back every night.

So you have a bunch of bored, desperate girls, watching the clock and the door.  The moment a guy walks in, a ripple of excitement will run amongst the blonde and brunette manes, the hair will be flicked, tits rearranged, lips pouted - all in a matter of nanoseconds - before a veritable stampede of women will run towards the hapless punter, and surround him.  It's like he has a clipboard announcing who got the lead role.  Five, Six - even TEN WOMEN - around him in a circle, pushing and shoving each other for the best position, shouting out questions in a bid to initiate conversation and grab his attention.

Brunettes 3 & 7, blondes 2,4, twins 5&6 : "hello."
Brunette 1; "Hello, Where have you been tonight?"
Punter; "Wow, hello girls.  There's a lot of you tonight.
Brunette 7: "Yes hello.  Is this your first time here?"
Blonde 2: " Yeah, I don't recognise you."
Twins 5&6: " I don't know, you look familiar..."
Punter: "I've been here before, yeah, but not for a while...maybe a year ago?"
Twins 5&6: Did you play with us?
Punter: "No."
Twins 5& 6: "Did you have a good time?"
Punter: "yes, erm, I can't remember..."
Twins 5&6, Blondes 2&4: "You were drunk!"

note that the twins are getting the upper hand, the brunettes who led the first auditory charge are now lagging behind, so the blondes and brunettes are going to get anxious.

Brunette 1: "Where you from?"
Blonde 2: "You look Italian."
Brunette 3: "You look European."
Blonde 4: " Are you from America?"
Twins 5&6: "You sound English."
Blonde 4: "Have you ever been to America?"
Punter: "Er, yeah...I'm English, yes...I've been to America."
Blonde 4: "I've been to America."
Brunettes 3&7: "I've been to America.  We went together, to Miami - have you been? Whats your name?"
Punter: "I'm John."
All girls:  "Hi John!"
Brunette 1: "I'm Loretta.
Blonde 2: "I'm Tatiana. I'm from Romania." (brushes his sleeve)
Brunette 3: I'm Elena. Bulgaria.
Blonde 4: I'm Lena.
Brunette 7: I'm Tinelina. I'm from Lithuania.

As the make-up of English stripclubs is often 70% eastern European girls, this kinda scenario is not only likely  - its the norm.

Twins 5 & 6: Catherine and Caroline, we're twins.  From France.
Punter: Really? What part of France?
Twins 5 & 6: Well, French Algiers, but we lived a lot in France. On the coast.

Most dancers lies are about their age and where they are from.  But then lots of punters don't believe us even when we are telling the truth ("You're not really English...you can't be?" - this happens to me every single fricking night...)  So the lies even out really, and they are harmless little white lies anyway.

So, as you can see, if you venture into a gentleman's establishment this month you may feel like you are being interviewed in a David Lynch movie, but like Mulholland Drive - it's surreal, but still an enjoyable hour and a half of viewing pleasure.

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Sapphire said...

Roll on April - That my predicted month for when the work starts rolling in again.
Sapphire xxx