Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Can a stripper get fat?

Yesterday on twitter I described how I ate a whole lemon meringue pie in one evening - and I got loads of replies from people giving me diet tips.  Do you get fat strippers?  Would I get sacked as a stripper if I got fat? Or porky, or chubby, or flabby arms, or a little round pot belly? Would you have a dance with a lapdancer carrying lots of junk in her trunk?  (That's a post for another time, methinks.)

It really pissed me off that the automatic reaction to me eating a pie was 'go and starve yourself'.  Like I need to go on a diet?  Stripping is a form of dance, keeps me active and toned, I go for jogs now and then, go to yoga classes in little groups of stripper yoga bunnies and sweat out last nights hangover (FYI, we are always in the afternoon classes).  Surely I'm entitled to a little slip now and then - I mean, it was a Bank Holiday, and Pirate's of the Caribbean was on.  Ok, so if I ate a tower of fluffy peaked meringue and gooey lemon curd every day then my body would inevitably swell up and I'd be at risk of losing my cushy position at one of London's top strip clubs.  You can get lapdancer's that carry their weight well, but generally if you put weight on in my industry, you get told to lose it, or your earnings go down as you don't get as many dances, or you get sacked.  Simply put, strip clubs are a very body conscious industry.

But the Twitter reaction wasn't all doom and gloom on whether my waist line was in danger of expanding and bursting out of my micro thong.
As one follower, @smistephen said, 'Eating a whole pie in one sitting every day makes you fat.  Eating a whole pie in one sitting once makes you AWESOME'


Lolly said...

Sassy, I am an Australian size 6 (UK size 4, US size 2) and I never watch my waist line. If you are exercising regularly (and dance is the best workout) you really can eat whatever you like! You will burn off that pie plus more. I kind of wish that I had a bit more weight on me because when I lost 10kg (by accident) I also lost boobs :(

Sara said...

When you dance and are active you can eat what you want, really. But we should try not to eat bad all the time, we want to take care of our bodies. I do think that we need be naughty and do things like that here and there... yum yum... good for you. You work hard!