Tuesday, 23 March 2010

sexy girls feet - just not mine today

Ahhhh, feet.  That fetishistic mothership of taboos.  we squirm, but we know men love feet.  Sexy girls feet, sexy tiny girl feet, sexy tan girls feet, sexy bare girls feet, sexy white girl feet, black girls sexy feet - hey, I've even had discussions with guys who say they lust after sexy jewish girls feet ( in new york), or a sleeping sexy girls feet ( that was here in london).
Well sorry to burst your bubble boys, but after a shift my feet ain't sexy.  No, they're stinky and sweaty and have icky grey black crud stuck inbetween my toes, my nail polish is usually chipping no end, with about twenty layers on as I just fill in the gaps, night after night, as I'm too cheap n too lazy to get a manicure.  Yes, I have really sexy stinky feet.  honestly, I swear most men alive would pay not to smell my hot stinky feet, especially after a;ll that pole dancing and gyrating whilst wearing 6" perspex stilletos that incase my toes  like a greenhouse as I sweat and spill drinks all over them.  Yep, I'm looking at the sorry state of affairs now, and man!  Those are some bad smelling stinky feet.  Phew!!!

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