Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Stripper homework

Essentially a good stripper is a great salesperson.  You approach a customer, gain a rapport and then ask for straight up cash for an instantaneous service style product - yourself.  your body, and more importantly, your time.  the customer is paying to spend TIME with me, nothing else - its up to us what we do with that time.

hence tonight I am back from the pub and using the few hours of down time - i can never sleep till the early hours as stripping has corrupted my body clock - anyway, using the few hours to swot up on motivational and sales techniques.  How to close, how to push for a bigger sale, etc.....

A few years ago I ordered the Dancer Home Study Course from and although it applies a lot to american c;lubs, its full of really good sound advice.  I generally show up to work, get pissed and earn some dough, but have been dawdling about with this carefree laissez faire attitude for yonkers.  Sometimes you need a touchstone, and this stripper self help manual is it.  Awesome.....

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Stripper School said...

Thanks for the recommendation!

If you aren't aware, DancerWealth has been COMPLETELY revamped since I took over in 2008. It's now an online video school with a members only access area to forums, webinars, and more!

We have lots of European and Aussie members who contribute to the forums to tailor the information to their style of club specifically.

Check out our free videos on youtube