Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hypnotising a stripper

I was hypnotised by a man today. He was French,older, and stank of sexual experience and allure. He had  an air of danger about him, a knowing smirk to his smile - like Vincent Cassell playing a playboy baddie in oceans 13. 
He approached me whilst I was sitting alone at the bar after just being rejected. It was a slow Tuesday, and I'd had a long and bad day. The fatalist in me had won, and I had just sat down, alone, composing my thoughts that it was not my fault that the previous customer had decided to dance alone with my friend not the two of us. Her apologetic shrugg as she walked off with me said it all ; "couldnt be helped,just the way things are sometimes".
As I sat there, a man - handsome and debonair, had sat down in the seat next to me. "may I?"then moments later he pressed a twenty into my hand." this is for you- just a little something for being so lovely"
We talked, he was a smooth operator and I was falling for his charms.  He spoke of sex, true sex thats built on trust and goes anywhere, does anything.  At one point he grabbed the top of my head with a single hand, his thumb pressing on my top chakra, and made me stare deeply into his eyes. Im sure he hypnotised me, because in that moment i wanted him more than anything else in the world.
We didnt do any dances, he simply tipped me twice more and left before id finished my glass.
I'll go to sleep and dream of him tonight, what could have been, that's for sure....

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