Thursday, 21 July 2011

It's my time of the month - to make money!

You would be forgiven for thinking that when a lapdancer has her time of the month that she takes a few days off work - after all, we are getting our pussies out.

Well you'd be wrong.

Getting a period is good for business!

My tits swell up like juicy soft melons. The water bloating just makes my full ass sexier - unlike jeans, tummy rolls can be carried off with aplomb in the right lingerie.
Weirdly, the men seem to sense it - I must be emitting some sort of sexual pheromone, because my takings are always up when I'm on. Other dancers have corroborated this with me so it's not like I'm talking like a weird freak here.
Mood swings happen so often in the stripclub world that they don't seem unusual to my fellow staff.

And what do we do with the string? Tuck it up us, of course, and be sure to check and change regularly!


Melan said...

haha amazing! I've heard that stuff about pheromones and times of the months,etc.
perhaps I should get off this pesky pill that seems to have evaporated my period and hope a time of the month brings with it more generous dates!

sassy said...

No, stay on the pill - every time I come off it/miss it I get the worst spots. Feel like a schoolgirl with too much excessive sebum, yuck!

Lolly said...

I thought studies showed earnings were at the highest when you were ovulating and lowest when you are menstruating... either way, good for you to still feel confident and see the positive of a really crappy time of the month.