Monday, 25 July 2011

Stripclub Stereotypes #10; The Pushbutton Guy

If there is one thing a stripper dreams of, it's a push-button guy.  He'll agree to anything you ask, and if he can't make it happen immediately, he'll try and find a way to. And he will do it with a big smile.

I had a push-button guy this weekend just gone, and he was a cut-and-paste stereotypical push-button that had been lifted straight from the catalogue.

Did he want another dance?  Yes please!
Did he want to go to VIP? Yes please!
Could he pay in cash rather than using the club's money? Yes please!

I'm afraid ladies and gentleman, that I took everything that was in his wallet in dances and a half-hour of VIP.  But he was so incredibly grateful for my company and all the attention I was giving him. Suprisingly, he was a young, nice guy from Guernsey, a carpenter (they must pay a lot to put shelves up in Guernsey!)  He was slim and fairly alright looking, but fairly sexually inexperienced and hadn't had a girlfriend for a while.  To him,  I was the bee's knees, the sexiest, most charming woman he had come across for a while, and he delighted in telling me so, again and again, always with a big, dappy smile that stretched glowingly across his features. He was so grateful that he bent to my gentle, teasing coercion and agreed to everything - and then came in the next night too!

Don't get me wrong.  Pushbutton's are not there to be ridiculed.  When a woman receives lots of appreciation - whether its monetary or compliments, she's grateful and happy too.  That's why we wish all customers were as gentlemanly and sweet as pushbutton's are.  Both nights that we had were really, really good fun - we had a great connection and he revelled in every minute of his stripclub experience.  I'm sure this weekend will be in his wank-bank forever.

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Anonymous said...

Ha I love the verbal compliments but if they're accompanied by money, much better! I hate when guys don't put money where their compliment oozing mouths are :)