Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Double dance

I think I need to work on my girl on girl action.  I mean, I'm pretty good at it.  I like women, work with lots of sexy women, and am generally cheeky and flirty with anyone, regardless of sex, colour or age.  I'll pop into the shop and flirt with the girl, I'll flirt with the milkman, and goddamit, I'll definately flirt with the girl I've just been paid to dance with.
But I saw two girls dancing in the booth next to me last night, and WOW! They had it down. Not in a pornographic 'lesbian filth shocker' way, but in a totally smooth, sexy, almost balletic way.
Turns out one of them IS a ballet-dancer, which is probably why she was able to pull and stretch and wrap her legs around the other stretchy, twisting beauty from Romania.  I was watching their show out of the corner of my eye, through a booth divider, whilst giving a guy a lapdance.  Surely multitasking in action.  But I can get easily distracted whilst giving a lapdance.  I'm dancing to the beat, pulling my straps down, fluttering my eyelashes and projecting a coy nymphette, but really my mind, and sometimes my eyes, are somewhere else entirely.  Readers of my byeline know that this is often cheese on toast and horlicks as I am bored to death of drinking multicoloured alco fizz with ice in the glass eight hours a night, four nights a week.  What I would do for a hot milky drink by 2am most nights!
But I digress.  I was discussing double dances.
A double dance is when two girls dance for one guy, similtaneously.  Depending on the club proprieters rules they may or may not interact.  However, being good little hustling Queens, we will always tell the punter that it will be a lesbian show, girl on girl, on you, over you, in your face whilst you just relax, sit back, and enjoy all the attention.  Four titties, two sweet pussies, two arses jiggling in your face! Who said blondes can't count?
More important than the club rules for the level of action you are going to get is whether the two dancers know each other.  I've danced with girls I've barely met in the changing room, as well as with girls I absolutely hate.  Now that's awkward.
So if you have a double-dance from two lapdancers who spend most of the song swaying on opposite sides of the booth, equally glowering at each other or trying to push each other out of the way as tehy shove tits in your face, then sorry mate.  You've chosen wrongly.  Always, Always, go for personalities rather than looks if you want the best bang for your buck.
Till then, I'm gonna do a spot of bendy yoga and jump in a warm bath.   May as well warm up the old bones for tonight's shift - who know's what it may bring?!!

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