Monday, 9 April 2012

Shock Horror! Houston Chronicle versus Diary of An Angry Stripper

Dear Diary, I think you've been found.
The pages have been ripped out, torn apart, and my stories out for all the world to see as my identity is revealed.

Bless Sarah.  Her Stateside blog 'Diary of An Angry Stripper', that of the fabulous title and enviable reader comments, has been on my favourite posts links page for a while now.  It's a very smart looking blog, and she has posted some really funny little bon-mots.  I especially like her lists - what not to say to a stripper, ten things about our timekeeping, beauty obsessions, and general fabulous stripperness, and a really funny tale on Jeremy Piven, he of 'Entourage' fame, and his crap technique in bed.
But she was also working as a society reporter at the Houston Chronicle, which basically menat that she was going around to all these posh society bashes in an ultra conservative city filled with uptight, well bred folk....and when a rival paper outed her, outrage ensued. 

Ohh dinners here! Good luck sarah, I'm gonna finish up later

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