Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Even the most confident lapdancer gets nervous on a first date

I've got first date nerves. I don't know when I last went on a date after simply swapping numbers. My modus operandi is usually drink,pull,shagfest and get to know each other after whilst nursing a killer hangover. But I met this guy whilst sober, I haven't kissed him,shagged him - barely even a touch. We did flirt a lot though. Oh yeah, & he's seen me in my birthday suit. Yep, you guessed it - I met him at the club. I get chatted up frequently but this is the first time I've texted them the next day - and I ASKED HIM OUT!!! See guys, all you dreamers out there who have fuck/date/snog/marry a hot stripper on your bucket list - dreams can come true... In honor of this momentous and very scary occasion - I'm literally so nervous I may have to start biting my manicured talons - I'm going to make the next seven days 'Date a Dancer' week on my blog. I'll be posting dating related posts on this blog on a daily basis. As well as reminiscing about my own dating disasters and triumphs as a lapdancer, I'm also going to provide some tips on how to cope in the dating meat market, pulling a stripper, and top tips on how to keep a happy & fulfilling dancer/non-industry duo alive. Plus I've also interviewed some guys - friends and exes of my own as well as a reader of this sassy lapdancer diary who has several years experience. Now doesn't that sound awesome! I'm going to go stare at my wardrobe now. Over 60 dresses in my collection but none of them seem right what with the torrential rain outside that's been battering London all bloody day. Wear jeans & risk a muffin top (yeah even girls with a 25" waist get em). I guess wellies and a Mac.... Joking!! Fingers crossed that my nerves subside and I pick the right outfit for a snog later...

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