Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Independent article on the human cost of lapdancing

Great piece appeared in the Indy today in lapdancing and how the stripclubs themselves are squeezing more money from us dancers than ever before.
You can find read it here
Basically the Independent - great paper in the UK btw, very non- partisan, interesting & informed journalists mostly - anyway, they've interviewed a bunch of lapdancers & gathered their thoughts to see if it supports a recent study by the University of Leeds. They also published a thought-provoking study last year that alleged that 1 in 3 lapdancers had a university degree. Great, so I'm not one of a kind - I'm a one in three kinda gal.
I was contacted by one if their researchers (nice intern job if you can get it!) and was really pleased to be asked such frank and sensible questions, rather than the usual crap - I wish people would just get over me being a career stripper. I gave up working in the city for this!!!
I'd highly recommend looking at the article on "the human cost of the UK's £300m lapdancing addiction" because it's pretty interesting reading and also is very sympathetic to the plight of lapdancers, which is a 'forgotten' and hush-hush stigmatized industry still, despite it's size & international reach. Here's the piece again

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