Thursday, 19 April 2012

How to choose the perfect stripper shoe

A girl always needs the perfect shoes to go with her outfit, right?  And if that girl is a lapdancer, the right shoes to strip in are even more crucial. 
A lapdancer wears heels so that she can;
  1. Look men standing by the bar right in the eye when they are hustling for dances.
  2. Command presence on stage & use the shoe as an aid to climb the pole.
  3. Feel sexy! These are high, HIGH heels!!! Shiny, glittery, flashing....
A typical shift can be around 8 to 9 hours long, with maybe 4 to 7 shows on stage, each lasting 2 or 3 songs, plus running around from punter to punter, plus all those lapdances that a girl will be doing for them.  If I look at my stripper diaries there have been nights when I come home and my feet are swollen, raw, and in severe pain and blood from sores have dripped onto my garter, staining the folded twenty pound notes with drops of red blood and sweat.
I thought I would write this post so that other dancers or women who are curious about stripping would get some advice and not repeat my painful mistakes.
In this blog post I will be recommending some great high heeled shoes you can wear as a lapdancer and discusss the pro's and con's of each shoe style.
***IMPORTANT; when buying stripper shoe sizes, it's best to buy a 1/2 size UP as they are very tight fitting.  Remember that many Stripper Shoe companies are American; with USA Sizes, add 2 to the UK Size. I am a UK Size 4, but buy a Size 6/6.5 Pleaser shoe and get them shipped over if necessary***** 

A pair of black,shiny patent heels can be perfect for elongating your legs and coming across all sexy. 

These shoes have the added advantage of going with most outfits, they have a concealed platform so give you height without looking too clunky.  Because they have a closed toe, it doesn't matter if you forgot to top up your pedicure, however, be careful that the shoe does not crush your toes!
These are the regulation 6 inch heel, which is the standard size for lapdancing shoes.  Brave and experienced dancers often wear an 8 inch heel, whilst taller dancers can get away with a four inch, lower heel.  The different heel sizes really do make a difference - a four inch heel is about the same height as a pack of cigarettes, whilst an eight inch heel is the same height as a paperback book!

Compare these two shoes with the black 6" heels above.
Here is a sexy 4" shoe, with a nice zipper detail running up the back of the ankle, that would mostly be worn by a lapdancer above 5"7 in height. Remember dancers need height so that they can look men in the eye and command presence on stage shows.

These are some lovely 8" heels which I bought last year.  I found them very good for stamping around the stage, and they made a great THUMP when I slid down the pole and landed with my feet squarely on the stage.  This is a good trick for a dancer to get everyone's attention, and look at her whilst she is doing her stage show.
However, a word of warning - they have no ankle support and are very, very high, so probably not the best pair to buy if you are a newbie.
If you are a girl who wants to get into lapdancing, and want an entry-level stripping shoe, this is what I would recommend - a pair of 6" heels by Pleaser, who are a very good dancer brand.  They build their shoes to last, and have a strong metal support running through the heel so that the heel doesn't break even if you are battering them whilst doing pole tricks, dancing on a marble floored stage, dancing on beer-soaked carpets, spilling drinks all over them, kicking them into corners of the changing room - basically a lapdancer's shoes will get damaged and abused, so it's best to buy pairs and brands that last, unless you have spotted a paticular style to go with a new fantasy outfit.
Just as Kate Middleton loves nude court shoes by LK Bennett, a lapdancer loves clear perspex from Pleaser with a 6 inch heel;

A clear shoe will go with EVERY outfit, but remember to clean them with wet wipes as they will build up dirt and crud which is a pain to wipe off once the smears are dried. 
Here is a fantastic pair in black that I have bought and worn reguarly before - they provide plenty of support and the openess of the shoe style means that there is lots of room for my feet to breathe and swell after a busy shift.

Finally, these are my dream lapdancing shoes.  Covered in shiny diamante that glints under the stage lights, elegant straps and heel, and super clear perspex to make my faketanned legs look a mile long....

 I bought an identical pair for the opening of a new stripclub that I worked at and they made me feel like a princess and were super-comfortable and easy to dance in, even for new shoes.  I also had a really good couple of nights, so I now consider them my 'lucky' pair!!

Why not click on the links and buy a pair for yourself today???

Enjoy Stripping..... xxoxo Sassy & her battered tootsies

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